Nursery Hours

All children who start in September attend five mornings a week during the three terms which make up our Nursery, although full days and wrap around care are available for all. As each term passes we add more hours and so when children transition to Reception, the following September, we have prepared them for the full school day.

Standard Hours

Autumn Term

September to October ½ term: children attend mornings only and are collected at 12.15pm. After ½ term: mornings only, plus stay for lunch on Wednesdays and are collected at 1.45pm

Spring Term

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday – children attend mornings only and are collected at 12.15pm Wednesday – children stay until 3.30pm

Summer Term

Monday, Wednesday and Friday – children stay until 3.30pm Tuesday and Thursday – children collected at 12.15pm

Extended Hours

Your child can stay all day in our Nursery if this helps you! There are several options to choose from which extends beyond the standard hours in our Nursery. This needs to be a regular booking and confirmed in advance.

How to Find Us

Visitors for the Head have an allocated parking space opposite the main Reception. If you lose your way, please call us on 01892 525591 and we’ll help you find us.

Contact Us

Telephone: 01892 525591
Email: [email protected]


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