Wellness Week: Nurturing Mind and Soul

Date Posted: Friday 17 May 2024

Last week, we celebrated Wellness Week with the theme “Mind and Soul.” The week was filled with enriching activities and inspiring sessions aimed at promoting mental and physical well-being among our pupils, parents, and staff.

The week kicked off with an uplifting assembly led by Reverend Tom Nash, who spoke to pupils and parents about the importance of nurturing both mind and soul. His words set a positive tone for the days to come.

Throughout the week, we were privileged to host a number of very generous guests. Hannah Martin conducted yoga sessions that introduced pupils and staff to the benefits of a quiet mind and physical relaxation. Vic Court from Bushido Judo led engaging judo sessions for our PrePrep pupils, emphasising discipline and physical fitness.

Esther Obiri-Darko gave an insightful talk on the concept of “Rupture and Repair” in the parent-child relationship, highlighting the importance of communication and emotional resilience. Elisa Harrod provided valuable information on nutrition, teaching us how to make healthier food choices.

The pupils also had the opportunity to try new healthy vegetables, practise mindfulness, and contribute to our Tree of Support by creating and hanging their own leaves, symbolising who they feel supported by in life.

Blessed with lovely weather, we held many lessons outdoors to emphasise the positive impact of nature on our mental health as well as a bluebell walk into Hurst Woods. Each day during break time, we organised a “Mindful Mingle,” where different year groups came together to participate in a nature scavenger hunt. We also had “Mindful Movement” sessions, encouraging pupils to run a mile and release extra energy at breaktime! Pupils also enjoyed a Balloon Buddies activity where they all learnt the importance of teamwork!

Creative expression was fostered through drama and modern dance workshops, which helped build confidence and brought pupils together in a fun and supportive environment. Our annual “Wake Up” session with Mrs. Whatman was a hit, energising everyone for the day ahead.

An exciting highlight of the week was the launch of our new wellness channel resource, School TV, by Mrs. Scarbrough. This fantastic tool will continue to support our community’s well-being with a wealth of resources and information.

The week concluded with Pyjama Friday, a delightful day focused on the importance of sleep. Pupils learned about sleep hygiene and enjoyed a cosy story time with Ms. Neville in the theatre, reinforcing the value of a good night’s rest.

Well, what a (Wellness) Week! It was a tremendous success, leaving everyone feeling refreshed, inspired, and more connected. We look forward to continuing these practices and maintaining the spirit of well-being throughout the year.

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