Year 5 Wonder Day

Date Posted: Friday 28 January 2022

The children enjoyed orienteering in the school grounds with Mr Stacey. The focus was on confidence with the children using new map reading skills to locate all the clippers successfully as a team. They then entered the ‘escape room’ with Mrs Scarbrough. They had to use all their resilience and perseverance to solve the puzzles and gain the keys to open all the locks and move to the next activity. Awaiting them was Mr Corcoran in the theatre. A series of dramatic script readings and stage combat training saw them really working together and getting along. Finally, the children made a well-earned smoothie with Mr Hinchliffe. They discussed the importance of our ‘five a day’ and that it can be hard to always remember them. However, with a little organisation they can ensure they get the right amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that their bodies need.

After lunch we tackled some chemistry in the lab. We identified mystery liquids as acids or alkalis, created some bubbly chemical reactions, extinguished fire with carbon dioxide and identified oxygen gas by reigniting a glowing splint. We then headed to our outdoor classroom in the woods for some mindfulness with Mrs Bailey.

Parents were invited to our assembly at the end of the day where we celebrated our successes. We handed out some much coveted ‘keys’ and were very lucky to have the opportunity to listen to Dr Ives from Sevenoaks School.

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