Choir Captivates Audiences on Tour

Date Posted: Wednesday 15 November 2023


In a harmonious journey of music, history, and sweet indulgence, the Rose Hill School Choir embarked on a memorable tour to Belgium during half-term. The tour, led by Director of Music Elisa Harrod, unfolded as an extraordinary experience for the students, leaving indelible impressions on both performers and audiences alike.

Local audiences, large and appreciative, were treated to a repertoire that showcased the pupils’ musical prowess. The concerts in De Panne and Ghent, akin to performing in cathedrals, were met with thunderous applause.

Beyond the stage, the choir immersed themselves in the rich history of the region. A visit to the ‘Hooge Crater Museum’ provided a profound insight into the trenches of World War I, Head of History Dr Tuck guiding the pupils through a historical journey. At Tyne Cot Cemetery, the students paid a poignant tribute by singing ‘In Flanders Fields’.

Chocolates and history intertwined as the choir explored the delightful offerings of Belgium. A visit to a chocolatier offered not only a mouth-watering demonstration on the transformation of dark chocolate into its creamy counterpart. Laughter echoed through the Castle of the Counts in Ghent as the children explored its history with a humorous audio guide.

The tour concluded on a sweet note in Ypres, where the choir indulged in a final chocolate shop visit.

Reflecting on the trip, Elisa Harrod said “I am very proud of the exemplary behaviour, outstanding performances, and respect demonstrated by the pupils throughout the tour. The choir’s journey to Belgium was not just a musical venture but a profound cultural and historical experience that will undoubtedly linger in the hearts and minds of all those involved”.

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