Newly refurbished pond opened

Date Posted: Monday 22 May 2023

Rose Hill School’s refurbished pond, now named Arcadia, was officially opened by James Saunders, a Governor and an Old Rosehillian on Saturday at the School’s annual Founder’s Day. The School is immensely grateful for the involvement of the PA for their fundraising efforts in the refurbishment and the hard work of the Grounds staff.

The pond, now a valuable educational resource, will be utilised by all the pupils of the school from Kindergarten up to Year 8. It will provide them with an opportunity to learn and explore various aspects of nature, wildlife, and aquatic ecosystems. Such hands-on experiences can be incredibly beneficial for their overall education and understanding of the natural world.

By having access to Arcadia, the students can engage in activities like observing wildlife, studying aquatic plants, and learning about the importance of maintaining a balanced ecosystem. This kind of practical learning can foster a deeper appreciation for nature and help instill environmental stewardship values in the young learners.

The refurbished pond will become a focal point for science classes, nature walks, and other educational activities within the school. It’s an exciting development that will undoubtedly enhance the educational experience for the pupils.

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