Immersive Learning – Focus Day 4

Date Posted: Friday 11 March 2022

This term’s Focus Day saw Year 3 pupils investigating rainforest adaptation: making Terrariums, conducting an experiment on leaf structures and waxy coatings and designing and creating an innovative above-the-ground root structure, strong enough to hold a tree!

Year 4 enjoyed a brilliant workshop delivered by Crossteach, as they learned about the Easter Story with a crime scene re-enactment of Jesus’ ascension from the tomb. In the afternoon, they foraged for foliage to make beautiful Easter Gardens which will grow over the coming weeks. Year 5 spent the day re-telling Shakespeare’s Macbeth, producing some very clever pop-up books!

The Year 6 French theatre workshop was sadly cancelled by the company, but that didn’t stop Mme Collett organising a great day on the topic of ‘holidays’. Pupils practised ordering food and drinks from a beachside café and produced some fantastic presentations on various French-speaking holiday destinations – all delivered in French! Years 7&8 enjoyed their visit to a local farm, where they learned about the production of wool, before returning to school to create their stunning felted landscapes.

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