HeadLines, Friday 5 May

Date Posted: Friday 05 May 2023

Dear Parents,

Wellness Week has seen some golden opportunities for our pupils. The F24 Motor Racing Team headed off to race at Goodwood, we are waiting for the results! Three pupils took part in the IAPS Judo, returning with one gold and two silver medals. Well done everyone!

Good wellbeing is essential for us all. It helps us to learn effectively, cope with day-to-day challenges, and develop resilience. Whilst our wellness is important every day, Wellness Week provides a specific opportunity to look in detail at a different aspect. Our Wellness Week supports the wellbeing of pupils, staff and parents. During the week both you and the pupils have had the opportunity to take part in some magnificent events. We have provided information and resources on coping with stress, anxiety, and depression, through the 101-parenting session.  We have had sessions on internet safety, spinal health, Mrs Whatman’s Work Out and a walk in the woods to see the bluebells. Cameron Harris (TRUTH Fitness) opened our week with important guidance on our wellness, how to make good food choices to improve your focus and sleep. Our mindfulness sessions are an effective way to teach wellbeing strategies by creating a safe and supportive environment where pupils feel comfortable discussing their mental health and how to support wellbeing. Additionally, we promote positive thinking and resilience by teaching strategies for positive mental health and wellbeing including the ability to ask for help as well as accept support from others. As is now well known, there has been an increased focus on raising the awareness of mental health and making it more ‘acceptable’ for individuals to seek help and gain access to support earlier.

On Friday, whilst the weather may have been a little overcast, we had ‘The Coronation Lunch’, what a tremendous way to end Wellness Week! Wellness Week enables us to reflect about every aspect of our lives, from the moment we wake, our activities, interactions, learning and ways to rest. A huge thank you to all the staff input, parent support and especially to Mrs Rowton for organising our very special week.

This weekend holds a very singular event as we mark the coronation of King Charles III. We hope that you enjoy the additional Bank Holiday!

Best wishes,

Emma Neville, Head


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