Headlines, Friday 29 September

Date Posted: Friday 29 September 2023

Dear Parents,

I hope this newsletter finds you in good health and high spirits. This week, as many of you will be aware, I headed back to the classroom to hear about the development in education across the world at the IAPs Heads’ Conference. The theme was ‘Venture Out’, with a commitment to providing a holistic education experience at the forefront of our endeavours, and I believe this theme will truly enrich your child’s learning journey.

I reflected on our curriculum ‘Compass’, which is a rich educational framework already in place at Rose Hill School. Compass has ‘venturing out’ in education at its core and encompasses a range of exciting initiatives and opportunities designed to broaden horizons and foster personal growth. Here are some of the key aspects:

  • Outdoor Learning Adventures: We believe that learning extends beyond the classroom. This term, your child will have the opportunity to engage in outdoor learning adventures, exploring nature, history and science in a hands-on and immersive way. From field trips to local parks to historical site visits, these experiences will stimulate their curiosity and love for learning.
  • Community Engagement: We encourage our pupils to become active and responsible members of their communities. Through our fund-raising work and service projects, such as the valuable support for St Matt’s Community Larder, we aim to instill a sense of social responsibility, empathy, and the importance of giving back.
  • Focus Days and Enriched Curriculum: To expose our pupils to a variety of perspectives and careers, we have organised a series of guest speaker sessions and workshops. Experts from diverse fields will share their experiences and insights, inspiring our pupils to explore new interests and in some cases career paths.
  • Global Awareness: In an increasingly interconnected world, we are committed to nurturing global citizens. Your child will have the opportunity to explore different cultures, languages, and global issues.
  • Parent Involvement: We believe that education is a partnership between school and home. We invite you to participate in our “Venture Out” initiatives, whether through volunteering, or sharing your expertise to support our pupils’ educational journey.
  • Innovation and Creativity: We will continue to emphasise creativity and innovation in our curriculum, encouraging pupils to think critically, problem-solve, and explore their passions. Next week, we launch our annual STEAM week focusing on AI.

I hope that you’ll be as excited as I am, in seeing Compass unfold over the year. We look forward to a term filled with growth, exploration, and meaningful learning experiences.

Best wishes,

Emma Neville


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