HeadLines, Friday 28 June

Date Posted: Friday 28 June 2024

Dear Parents,

This week we have seen many highlights and have much to celebrate. On Monday we enjoyed EYFS and Lower School Sports Days. It is wonderful to see sporting skills develop in our youngest pupils, with their safari of field activities and track events. Once again, a huge thank you to Mr Hinchliffe and all the staff involved.

If you were lucky enough to see the Senior Production of Singin’ in the Rain, then you were in for a real treat! Singin’ in the Rain was a spectacular showcase of talent, creativity, and teamwork between pupils and staff. The cast, crew, and production team deserved a standing ovation for their exceptional performances and the mesmerising production they delivered. From the captivating acting to the flawless choreography and the stunning set designs, every aspect of the play was a testament to their hard work and artistic abilities. I want to extend my appreciation to our talented pupils who brought the characters to life and delivered outstanding performances, with many witty one-liners! Your commitment to the arts and your ability to captivate the audience were truly remarkable. Additionally, I would like to thank our dedicated teachers, and all the staff members who provided guidance and support throughout the entire production process. Your expertise and passion have undoubtedly played a significant role in the success of the school play, particularly to Mrs Nicoll, Mrs Harrod and Miss Styles. Hollywood has arrived at Rose Hill School!

Year 1 also took to the stage and performed their year group assembly based on this term’s project on dinosaurs through song and dance! Thank you to everyone for being so brave and for sharing all of your hard work.

Today sees our annual Prep School Sports Day … I look forward to seeing many of you there. In advance a huge thank you to Mr Hinchliffe and the staff for all of their hard work in ensuring that it runs so smoothly. Thank you for all of your support with the many events this week. Thank you to all the staff who have gone the extra mile.

Next week we have Transition Day. It is vital we prepare our children for change. It is an important skill to know how to ‘manage’ change and the emotions that come along with it. We increase our focus on transition to a new school or new year group and class. We are also preparing for the future; as we come to the end of an academic year it is inevitable that change is on the horizon. On that note we congratulate Miss Atkins, for not only gaining her teaching qualification at Rose Hill School, but for also securing a fantastic new job. This does mean we say farewell and send her on her way with our best wishes for the future.

For those of you attending the PA Summer Ball tonight, I look forward to seeing you there. My thanks and appreciation to Mrs Dellar and the Parents’ Association for all of the amazing events organised over the year that both our pupils and parents enjoy.

Good luck to the Green Goblins racing at Goodwood on Sunday!

Best wishes,

Emma Neville


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