HeadLines, Friday 26 January

Date Posted: Friday 26 January 2024

Dear Parents,

Respect is the cornerstone of a thriving school community, and it is my utmost priority to emphasise its significance. Mutual respect among pupils creates a positive atmosphere conducive to learning and collaboration. Embracing diversity, understanding differences, and treating each other with kindness are fundamental aspects of a respectful school culture.

Similarly, the bond between parents, pupils, and educators is the bedrock of a successful learning environment. Respect between us is an acknowledgment of the sacrifices and dedication we all invest in our pupils’ growth and education. It fosters a supportive partnership and is crucial for their holistic development.

Let us commit to nurturing an environment where respect is not merely a value but a way of life. Through our collective efforts, we can cultivate a school community that thrives on mutual regard, fostering a positive and enriching educational journey for every pupil.

Building on the theme of our school community the PA are looking for more volunteers and I hope that you have had the opportunity to read my letter regarding the support needed. Over the years the PA has gone from strength to strength; to sustain this level of activity and the benefits for our pupils, the PA are looking for your time. There are lots of ways to get involved!

Our week began with the most exhilarating orchestral experience: my thanks go to the Royal Tunbridge Wells Symphony Orchestra for sharing their talents and inspiring our pupils. Talent and respect were clear to see, through the players and conductor.

Early Years have enjoyed a visit from vet Charlie Parker this week. He brought along his medical bag and told the children some of the animals that he has looked after. He showed them lots of photos including some X-rays. Since Charlie’s visit, the classroom vet surgery has been busier than ever with so many poorly animals!

In assembly this morning 3R told us all about the amazing insects, and their talents at living in the rainforest. It was a brilliant assembly and it was a joy to observe the children who explained how the insects needed to support one another in the same way as we do.

Year 1 are just back from a trip to the Spa Valley Railway, they found out how a steam engine works, climbed up into the cab, helped to change the points and realised the importance of the sand box in helping to keep the train on the tracks in adverse weather conditions.

A reminder that it is our Future Schools Fair on Tuesday, please register with [email protected] if you wish to attend.

Best wishes,

Emma Neville



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