HeadLines, Friday 24 November

Date Posted: Friday 24 November 2023

Dear Parents,

This week Ms Lang reminded us all that taking some risks with our learning, and when safely done, is always worthwhile. Our curriculum, Compass, embraces the unknown, for in the realm of uncertainty lies the true essence of learning: taking risks, venturing beyond our comfort zone, and challenging the boundaries of our knowledge. It is through daring to explore uncharted territories that we not only discover our capabilities but also unveil the boundless potential that resides within us. Remember, growth thrives in the soil of risk, and every leap into the unfamiliar is a step closer to mastery. So, fear not the unknown; instead, let it be the compass guiding your journey of continuous learning and self-discovery.

Today Year 4 have visited the Maidstone Museum as part of the history element of their creative curriculum, with a sense of adventure and critical thinking and analyses they have gone to investigate ancient Egypt.

Congratulations to Year 7 for their terrific assembly on the value of friendship. They revisited the importance of our 5 keys, with the ‘getting along’ key being the main focus. We hope you’ll agree this is essential part of building happiness and success. Thank you to Mme Collett and Year 7 for their thought and preparation, and thank you to Year 8 for the prayer.

Our organisation can be seen across the school and I have caught a glimpse of the preparation in PrePrep with the Nativities and the Prep School Carol Service. Rehearsals are well on their way with pupils and staff working hard behind the scenes. We look forward to seeing you all at our forthcoming events. It was lovely to see Rose Hill School’s artistic contribution to the window in Catherine Hills’ jewellery shop for  The Big Reveal on the Pantiles last weekend.  We look forward to hearing the results!

Last weekend the PA hosted a super Wine Tasting, in preparation for Christmas.  Thank you to Mrs Dellar and Mrs Morgan for your time and expertise. Whilst we are still in November, our Christmas Fair, Friday 1 December, is just around the corner, our thanks to the PA and parents for all their efforts and creativity in getting this event underway. There is further information in the newsletter.

Best wishes,

Emma Neville


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