HeadLines, Friday 2 February

Date Posted: Friday 02 February 2024

Dear Parents,

At the end of another busy week I am always thrilled to reflect on the exciting learning activities that have been buzzing at Rose Hill School this week. Our commitment to fostering a dynamic and engaging learning environment continues to flourish providing our pupils with opportunities to thrive.

🎭 Creative Arts Extravaganza: Our budding actors are about to take centre stage in the Junior Production of Shrek Jr. next week. This event looks to showcase the diverse talents of our pupils, reinforcing the importance of creativity in education.

🌏 Your Voice Matters: Rose Hill School embraced children’s perspectives during Place 2B’s Mental Health Week. Pupils engaged in thought-provoking discussions on how to use their voice for good, and celebrated the richness of our interconnected world.

🏆 Focus Day proved to be a great success with a focus on drama, religious studies with enriching music, global perspectives in geography and animation.

As we continue to nurture a holistic learning experience, we extend our gratitude to our dedicated teachers, and enthusiastic pupils. Together, we create an environment where curiosity thrives, talents blossom, and success is celebrated.

Our annual Future Schools Fair was a huge success. I hope that for many of you, this provided you with support and guidance as you begin to think about next steps. My thanks to our staff and to our many senior school colleagues. Many thanks to Bede’s School, and to Pete Goodyer, who provided much food for thought as you make those important decisions.

3Ws assembly focused on the ’getting along’ key and they shared with us all the many times team work has improved the outcome and why it is so vitally important. Well done 3W we loved your elephants and mice!

Next week Mrs Scarbrough will be starting the week with an assembly on ‘Let’s talk about it?’ as we mark Safer Internet Day on Tuesday. We ask all families to support these important themes as all of our pupils have access to online devices. If you need specific advice, or you are thinking about purchasing a device, Mrs Scarbrough is here to provide support.

Best wishes,

Emma Neville


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