HeadLines, Friday 19 January

Date Posted: Friday 19 January 2024

Dear Parents,

We believe that pupils’ perspectives are invaluable in shaping their learning experience and fostering a positive school environment. Pupil voice is not merely a token gesture; it is a powerful tool that empowers our pupils to become active participants in their education. By providing them with opportunities to express their thoughts, concerns, and suggestions, we not only cultivate a sense of ownership but also nurture essential life skills such as communication, critical thinking, and self-advocacy. Our theme this week has been about pupil voice; and this morning the School Council, Eco and Anti-Bullying Committees updated the school on their discussions and thoughts on school life and beyond.

Listening to our pupils enables us to tailor Compass, our curriculum, to better meet their needs, preparing them for life. It fosters a sense of inclusivity, making each child feel seen and heard. Moreover, involving pupils in decision-making processes instils a sense of responsibility and community, fostering a positive school culture. We encourage an open dialogue between pupils, parents, and educators, recognising that the collaborative effort of all stakeholders is crucial for the holistic development of our pupils. Together, we can create an educational environment where every child thrives, excels, and enjoys their educational journey.

Year 5 Wonder Day took place this week, thank you to all of our parents for your support and to Dominic Mott, Head at Hurstpierpoint College. Our pupils experienced life in Year 7 & 8 and there were plenty of team building opportunities where pupils were able to earn ‘keys’. Thank you to the parents who were able to attend. On the 30 January we have our annual Future Schools Fair. Please contact Mrs Nicoll Head of Upper School, or myself, if you would like to discuss future school options.

Next week we have a new orchestral experience: Monday 22 January sees the first visit of the Tunbridge Wells Symphony Orchestra rehearsing with our pupils, and with pupils from local primary settings, followed by a concert in our Theatre starting at 2pm. We look forward to seeing many of you there.

Best wishes,

Emma Neville


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