HeadLines, Friday 10 May

Date Posted: Friday 10 May 2024

Dear Parents,

This year’s Wellness Week started with the spiritual address to the School from Rev Tom Nash from St. John’s Church. We understand the paramount importance of fostering spiritual wellness among staff, parents, and pupils. Spiritual wellness encompasses a deep sense of purpose, connection, and meaning in life.

For staff members, nurturing spiritual wellness fosters resilience, compassion, and a sense of fulfilment in their professional roles. It provides them with the emotional and mental strength to navigate the challenges of their work environment while maintaining a sense of balance and harmony. By prioritising spiritual wellness among staff, we can cultivate a positive workplace culture that promotes collaboration, empathy, and mutual support.

Similarly, for parents, fostering spiritual wellness creates a foundation for nurturing strong family bonds, promoting open communication, and instilling values of empathy, gratitude, and resilience in their children. When parents prioritise their own spiritual well-being, they serve as positive role models for their children, helping them develop a sense of purpose and direction in life.

For pupils, spiritual wellness plays a crucial role in their overall development and academic success. It provides them with a sense of belonging, purpose, and inner peace, which are essential for their emotional and cognitive growth. By integrating spiritual practices, such as mindfulness, reflection, and community service, into their education, we can empower pupils to develop a holistic understanding of themselves and the world around them.

During the week both you and the pupils have had the opportunity to take part in some magnificent events. Over the week we have provided information and resources on coping with children’s mental health and the launch of SchoolTV. Please see the newsletter about how to access this fantastic resource.

Our Recital Concert on Tuesday afternoon saw Chamber Choir prepare for their big concert next week. What a challenging and exciting repertoire – I am looking forward to hearing their final performance at Benenden School’s Centenary Hall. Year 2 have visited Bedgebury Pinetum as part of their ‘into the woods’ creative curriculum topic. Year 6-8 have enjoyed a theatre trip to London to see a production of Mrs Doubtfire. We have had sessions on Judo, yoga, swimming, screentime, dance, music appreciation, Mrs Whatman’s Work Out and a walk in the woods with Maisie to see the bluebells.

Our Mindfulness sessions are an effective way of teaching wellbeing strategies by creating a safe and supportive environment where pupils feel comfortable discussing their mental health and how to support wellbeing. Additionally, we promote positive thinking and resilience by teaching strategies for positive mental health and wellbeing include the ability to ask for help as well as accept support from others. As is now well known, there has been an increased focus on raising the awareness of mental health and making it more ‘acceptable’ for individuals to seek help and gain access to support earlier.

As we navigate the complexities of an ever changing and challenging world, this week’s focus is more important than ever, to prioritise spiritual wellness among pupils is essential for creating a nurturing and supportive educational environment where everyone can thrive academically, emotionally, and spiritually.

A huge thank you to all the staff input, parent support and especially to Mrs Scarbrough and Mrs Rowton for organising our very special week.

This weekend we have our own cricket T10 Festival and many pupils watching the Women’s FA Cup Final or are taking park in the Schools Triathlon at Sevenoaks School, following their phenomenal fundraising activities. We wish everyone the best of luck!

Best wishes,

Emma Neville



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