Curriculum 2020

Date Posted: Sunday 25 September 2022

Rose Hill School, Curriculum 2020

Curriculum 2020 is a unique and exciting framework for learning, designed to ensure that our children are high-functioning global citizens and are fully prepared for the demands of education and employment in the 21st century. Universities and employers are clear that academic excellence alone is now insufficient for personal and professional success in the modern world. Curriculum 2020 enables us to assess pupils’ learning in many different ways, drawing out individual pupils’ strengths which do not always come to the fore during a written test.

The new framework was designed over 18 months using feedback from universities and the employment sector, international trends in education, a breadth of educational research findings and consultation with local senior schools. The curriculum framework is comprised of three key concepts – the Acquisition of Knowledge, the Application of Knowledge and Assessment Of and For Learning. The curriculum will enable staff to assess pupils’ learning in many different ways, drawing out individual pupils’ intelligences, which do not always come to the fore during a written test. Teachers help pupils to identify their talents, and track their own progress through personal learning portfolios. Project work and immersive learning activities will encourage the development of collaborative learning skills, presentation and research skills. Outdoor learning activities are regular events, and pupils will develop a greater understanding of their place in the world and all they can do to make a positive global impact.

In order to trigger the children’s natural curiosity, each lesson begins with a question or a problem that needs to be solved. In this way, we aim to draw out pupils’ enquiry and enterprise skills naturally, helping them to take greater ownership of their learning though their understanding of the purpose behind each lesson.

We have also introduced Focus Days. Prep School pupils are immersed in learning for a day about a particular topic: acquiring and applying knowledge. The four Skills Strands of Enterprise, Adventure, Enquiry and Philanthropy are woven into every child’s experience through outdoor learning, risk taking, creativity, investigation, collaboration, curiosity, presentation, global awareness and communication to name a few!

The new curriculum is broad and deep. With an embedded focus on physical and mental well-being, pupils in all year groups benefit from specialist teaching from staff with expert subject knowledge in our first-class facilities. In Years 1 to 4 we develop knowledge, understanding and skills in history, geography, science, art, religious studies and PSHEE through a topic-based, thematic approach to learning. Pupils are highly motivated to achieve through this style of learning and make excellent progress.

We believe every child is gifted and talented in their own way. Having their strengths and talents identified and nurtured can provide children with the confidence to succeed in all aspects of school life. Howard Gardiner asks “Ask not how intelligent is the child, but how is the child intelligent?”. This theory of Multiple Intelligences is the inspiration behind the unique assessment strategy. Over the course of a year, Curriculum 2020 will provide opportunities for all pupils to shine. In July, parents receive feedback on our observations, highlighting their child’s natural intelligences and suggesting ways to further develop those talents.

The Five Keys to Success (including the integrity keyring) ensure that pupils know the value of these character traits and are able to recognise them within themselves and others. We see evidence of this every day as the children become more independent and invested in their learning. The employment industry tells us that, more than ever before, they need young adults who can demonstrate confidence, resilience, perseverance, organisation and the ability to get along with others. Academic excellence alone will not open doors in the major professions. Work completed on the Five Keys to Success, through PSHEE, form time, assemblies and all other daily activities forms the character curriculum for Curriculum 2020.

The Rose Hill Life Skills Diploma is a challenge for pupils to learn everyday skills, supporting their transition into young adulthood. Through Curriculum 2020, pupils in Years 6, 7 and 8 will be given opportunities to learn gardening skills, first aid, how to complete application forms and iron their clothes amongst many others. These independent self-care skills are particularly pertinent to pupils who will be boarding from 13+.

To further maximise pupils’ readiness for senior school, an Enrichment Programme is timetabled for Friday afternoons inclusive of timetabled tuition for Awards Students in their specific field (sports, music, drama, art, academics, citizenship); scholarship preparation for senior schools;  The New Perspectives Curriculum (mini lectures and masterclasses on concepts and ideas not covered within the curriculum e.g. global politics and space tourism) and careers education.

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